The Internet often is criticized for allowing violent, intolerant views to be heard, but it also can be used to teach tolerance. In just one example, we recently launched a campaign in Germany called 361° Respekt, an online video competition in Germany that asks students 13 years old or over to create and upload YouTube videos that show what tolerance means to them.

YouTube long has promoted safety and respect on its site. Our Safety Center features tips, tools and advice for users, parents and educators. Viewers are encouraged to report inappropriate content by flagging videos that they believe are not in line with our Community Guidelines or that should be age-restricted. In addition to flagging, channels and/or comments can be reported using our Help and Safety Tool and last year we launched the YouTube Digital Citizenship Curriculum designed for educators and students.

Many new partners have joined us in promoting this message through 361° Respekt. They range from international organizations such as Unesco, to youth groups such as and the health insurer Techniker Krankenkasse. Dr. Kristina Schröder, the Federal Minister for Youth and Family Affairs, is serving as patron for the project and posted a video on her YouTube Channel in support.

A jury will now be assembled and choose a winner at the beginning of April. The project will continue with the creation of a 361° news platform. It will publicise and report on initiatives in Germany designed to foster tolerance and respect.